Nov 07

Yahoo! Messenger archive search

For quite a while now I’ve been frustrated by the fact the Yahoo! Messenger does not give you the option to search through the archive. I’ve found myself wishing for that search function more and more often lately. Having to browse through each conversation, to find what I needed, was inhuman – especially since I didn’t remember when the conversation took place!

So I decided to build a small application, that reads the Yahoo! Messenger Archive and implements basic keyword search. The first version of the software is already complete and can be downloaded here. The current version is completely functional, though many improvements are still in store.

So far I’ve only been interested in functionality, so the interface is kind of awkward, but will be one of the last things I will take care of. There are still some issues with the multithreaded code that have to be sorted out, but I’ve found this utility helpful a few times already.

Check it out and let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions!